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What Reviewers Say about
Courage Rewarded

General (retired) Ramsey Withers, former Chief of the Defence Staff

"I have reviewed your two chapters on Courage and the Korean War, and am highly impressed by the scholarship therein displayed. You have crafted a truly fine piece of work and are to be congratulated. Your setting of the scene in Korea is extremely well written. It is the best concise description I have ever seen. It also evoked vivid memories of my time as a signal officer in 1 Royal 22e Régiment, 1952-1953."

Jack L. Granatstein, professor of history and former director of the Canadian War Museum

"Well researched and well-written, it adds much new material. I especially like that you provide context, that you talk about what courage is, and that you chart and analyze awards distribution, especially the latter."

Professor Terry Copp, Wilfrid Laurier University and author of Fields of Fire.

"Everyone with an interest in Canadian history, not just military historians, should read this fascinating study of moral and physical courage."

Peter Worthington, former platoon commander in the Korean War, now a well-known journalist

"When he discusses the Korean War - just one of the aspects of his book - Fowler has provided more details than many who were there probably remember. He puts that war into context, is accurate, and although rich in anecdotes is still concise and always readable. A welcome historical addition."